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March 30, 2014

Everything you wanted to know about Charles. 

Oh that hurts.

This is information about me. Charles Forman is a movie maker, dreamer, product designer, and entrepreneur. He founded OMGPOP, a video game company, that developed Draw Something, and ultimately sold to Zynga. He co-founded Picturelife which is pretty much awesome. He has lived in Chicago, Tokyo, Seoul, and New York City. Gawker has called him the most interesting new millionaire playboy in tech, although this is pretty much untrue. He currently lives in NYC and is working on developing a movie. I love talking to interesting people, feel free to contact me.. Hi! My name is Charles Forman. I love to make stuff I dream up. A while back, I founded a videogame company called OMGPOP that developed Draw Something, that sold to Zynga. Remember that? No? It's ok. I also co-founded Picturelife, a great place to store and organize all your private photos. I am originally from Chicago, and I've lived in Tokyo, Seoul, and New York City. I am currently living in NYC and I'm working on developing a movie.
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