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March 30, 2014

How to contact Charles Forman 

I love getting email!

I really want to hear from you! Just want to say hi? Great! Want to chat about ideas? I'd love that. In New York and you want to hang? Sounds good!

I genuinely mean it. Let's be friends. I especially want to meet people who are working on cool stuff. If you love to make stuff, I want to know you.

  1. Email:
  2. Twitter: @charlesforman
  3. Facebook:
  4. Phone: +1-917-696-5465 — Text me before you call, I never pick up the phone.
  5. Location: SoHo, New York City

Sometimes, I'm not so good at getting back to people on email. But I eventually do! If you email me twice in a row, I'll know you mean it.

Specific people I'm interested in meeting: writers, photographers, builders, electrical engineers, designers, musicians, fancy ladies, dapper dudes, and puppies.

I've met most of my best friends on the internet. So go ahead, take that first step. Don't be afraid. Follow your heart.

You could also just leave a comment below. Go ahead..

Hi! My name is Charles Forman. I love to make stuff I dream up. A while back, I founded a videogame company called OMGPOP that developed Draw Something, that sold to Zynga. Remember that? No? It's ok. I also co-founded Picturelife, a great place to store and organize all your private photos. I am originally from Chicago, and I've lived in Tokyo, Seoul, and New York City. I am currently living in NYC and I'm working on developing a movie.
I love getting email, and I'd love to get an email from you!

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