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March 30, 2014

Everything you wanted to know about Charles. 

Actually, just some stuff. If you have any questions, email me.

My name is Charles and I've been making stuff my whole life. I'm more of a creative person than a technical one. However, I've been accused at being good at both.

What I do

Origin story

Resume / Timeline

Charles Forman is a movie maker, dreamer, product designer, and entrepreneur. He founded OMGPOP, a video game company, that developed Draw Something, and ultimately sold to Zynga. He co-founded Picturelife which is pretty much awesome. He has lived in Chicago, Tokyo, Seoul, and New York City. Gawker has called him the most interesting new millionaire playboy in tech, although this is pretty much untrue. He currently lives in NYC and is working on developing a movie.
Press bio

Articles about me: OMGPOP Cofounder Living 'the Life' 2 Years After Zynga Acquisition This Young, Shirtless Playboy is the Most Interesting New Millionaire In Tech

I love talking to interesting people. Feel free to contact me.  

About this blog

Statistically, about 4 times a year, I write a blog post about something I'm interested in. The posts tend to be long. I wish I wrote articles more often, and if there is something you'd like to read about, let me know.

I miss when the world was bigger
Home automation / Circadian lighting
The anti-scene
Recruiting friends
Macro movie reviews
Effect of local news on stress
How to travel
Tech scene makes me sad
Is nutrition pseudo science?
Photography / Cinematography
Interior design
Creating worlds
Rationalizing luck
Don't use your past as an excuse
You make what you measure
Take risks, life is short. but don't be stupid.
Where you live has an effect on your life
Don't just go see the world, live in the world
No place is perfect
I only sleep 4 hours a day.. is what i tell people.
Surround yourself with people you wish you could be for a day
Keep an enemies list
God hates fat people
Learn to cook
Aging gracefully
Embarking on making a movie
The feeling of the movie I want to make
Shooting on Film? (The film look?)
Shooting with a really small team
Shooting on Motorized Gimbals
    opposed to steadycams
Shooting exclusively in 1.2
Workflow ideas
    the internal growth of the personal character
    the unintended consequences of technology
    privacy policy
    Lighting with a hazer and projector
Blog topics I'll probably never get around to writing, unless you ask me to.

Technically, this blog was made using Jekyll and is hosted on Amazon S3, and Cloudfront. I deploy using the s3_website gem. After years of keeping blogs on Tumblr, I have happily made the switch, and Jekyll makes things super easy.

I designed this blog with Bootstrap, but I ended up changing all the CSS. The focus on the blog is readability. The width of the text is fixed, allowing 8 to 10 words per line. Your eye can easily find the next line with 8 words per line. Additionally, hanging single words at the end of the paragraphs have been eliminated, as well as the first word of a sentence at the end of a line. This was done using Javascript.

I decided to have the text go purely down the center, and if space available, put non-essential content in the margins. On mobile, most of that content disappears.

Hi! My name is Charles Forman. I love to make stuff I dream up. A while back, I founded a videogame company called OMGPOP that developed Draw Something, that sold to Zynga. Remember that? No? It's ok. I also co-founded Picturelife, a great place to store and organize all your private photos. I am originally from Chicago, and I've lived in Tokyo, Seoul, and New York City. I am currently living in NYC and I'm working on developing a movie.
I love getting email, and I'd love to get an email from you!

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