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January 08, 2014

Hey... wanna read my movie treatment? 

No, Seriously.

I have written a treatment that I could use your feedback on! If you’d like to read it, please email me:

When I first got serious about making a movie, I did what anyone making a movie would do, I Googled: “How to make a movie.” The first thing I learned is that it all starts with a script, and before that, a treatment. If you don’t have a good story, you won’t make a good script, and it will result in a movie only as compelling as a Hollywood blockbuster. Wow. Such deep. Many thought provoking. I was about to be learning a lot.

At first I thought, 120 pages in a script? I’ll write 10 pages a day and be done in less than 2 weeks. I also heard something along the lines of: the most important part of writing a script is the rewrite. That seems like fine advice for mediocre writers who can’t do things right the first time. But hey, I’m doing this for the first time. Even the best Lotto players play a few times before their system works.

Enough talking about writing, it’s time to actually start writing.

I never understood why my desk gets so messy. I should probably clean it before I get started. That felt great. But with my desk this clean, it’s really underscored how dirty my apartment is. A great side effect of being an awesome writer is getting lots of housework done while you’re thinking about all that awesome writing you’re about to do.

You know what my problem is? Being in New York. Theres too much going on in New York. It’s too New York, you know what I mean? I need to go to a place where I can lock myself in a room and really focus on what’s important: writing. I’m going to look at flights. Perfect. I’m going to Bangkok for a month.

My hotel room is great. I’m staying in here until this is done. Just me and my computer. And room service. I wonder how much it would cost to order everything on all menus that have ever existed? Deep thoughts. Ideas. Open Google: “Great movie ideas”. Wow. Is this a pain in my tooth? Has it always felt like this? I have a lot to do, I can’t go to the dentist. But, it could be serious.

Having all my wisdom teeth taken out was a good idea. They could have gotten infected and I would be forced to have them taken out later. These next 2 weeks of doing nothing and recovering are really like an investment.

Even though I didn’t write a single word in Bangkok, I feel like I thought about a lot of stuff, and all those thoughts really gelled, you know what I mean? Besides, I realized I don’t need to go somewhere else to do all that work. I could have gotten the same amount done in my apartment.

You’re right Upworthy, those are 10 facts I didn’t know, and my mind was blown indeed. Wait. How did I even get here? I just went to Facebook to see if I was friends with that girl I went to high school with that I just remembered the name of.

Scriptwriting software is so bad. Final Draft is like they wanted to recreate Microsoft Word 95, but in Flash. Someone should do something about this. I’m a software engineer. That someone could be me. Having thought a lot about screenwriting, I’m going to write the specs on what perfect screenwriting software should be. Right after I eat lunch.

Eating sure does get in the way of writing.

A lot of stuff has come up and I’m not sure when I’m going to be able to carve out the 12 days I need to get this script done. I have however created an amazing treatment. When you read it, it’s almost as if you are there, in the world I’ve created, experiencing the suspense, the growth of the characters, the impecable spelling.

What I could use now, is your feedback. Good feedback reinforces that my idea is great, and that I made the right choice to make this seminal movie. Please avoid nonconstructive feedback like questioning things that don’t make sense and noting similarities to Daniel Clowes’ comics.

I have sent the treatment out to many people. I have received great praise including: “That is great, are you coming home for Christmas?”, “Slightly better than I thought it would be.”, “Not horrible.”, and “This is really long.”

To the people I have sent the treatment to, but have not yet responded, I simply have 5 questions: 1) Did you read my treatment? 2) Why not? 3) Then, when? 4) Did I mention you were my inspiration? 5) Can I borrow some money?

I’m sure that many people were indifferent or unsupportive when Abraham Lincoln was writing War and Peace. If I was there, I would tell Abraham, “You can do it, I’ll back your Kickstarter.” And I wouldn’t pull my pledge right before the goal was met.

Be a part of history.

If I suck at screenwriting, at least I can fall back on writing a book about screenwriting.

In all seriousness, I could really use your feedback. If you are at all interested, email me at:, and I’ll send it to you. You can even call me with your feedback: 917-696-5465.

Hi! My name is Charles Forman. I love to make stuff I dream up. A while back, I founded a videogame company called OMGPOP that developed Draw Something, that sold to Zynga. Remember that? No? It's ok. I also co-founded Picturelife, a great place to store and organize all your private photos. I am originally from Chicago, and I've lived in Tokyo, Seoul, and New York City. I am currently living in NYC and I'm working on developing a movie.
I love getting email, and I'd love to get an email from you!

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